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Who the heck are the Adventure Apes?

The Adventure Apes are Mitch and Otis, two best friends
who do their best to track down and stop Horatio Hawk from stealing
priceless (and sometimes magical) antiquities from all corners of the world!

They are aided in their efforts by Dr.A, their mentor and guardian,
who taught them all there is to know about being heroes.
Unfortunately for Mitch and Otis, Horatio also has someone to look up to,
and his name is Mr.E. Totally evil and corrupt, Mr.E and Horatio are determined
to rule the world/solar system/galaxy/universe!

The boys definitely have their hands full!

This site centers around the ongoing story of the Adventure Apes,
as told through a retro-inspired video game!
As time marches on, the story will develop and unfold,
but for now, you are invited to jump into the Adventure Apes' universe
and help Mitch on his first ever mission: The Mayan Mystery!

Click on a mugshot below to find out more about each character!

Now, you may be wondering how the Adventure Apes came into being...

The creator of the Adventure Apes is one ScaryPotato.
Locked away for countless months in a dank room that has no light,
ScaryPotato toiled away, carefully honing his skills in art, game design, and programming,
all in an effort to bring forth an experience that will simultaneously take older gamers
back to the glory days with colourful graphics and characters,
while showing the younger gaming crowd that sometimes simple really is better.
Will ScaryPotato's master plan succeed? Only time will tell. . .